Guest Posting Site List 2022

Guest posting refers to the convention of creating an article or blog post that will be published on someone else’s blog or website. Guest-written blog posts are amazing for displaying backlinks to your website, while bloggers receive new content in return. Guest blogging can benefit you if you do it right. It’s a game not everyone can play, but to play well and win, you would need to know a few things and follow certain steps. It is a form of online marketing that is designed to increase a site’s following by piggybacking on the existing audience of another blogger in their niche. Here we have made Guest Posting Site List for our readers to help them to guest post efficiently.

Guest Posting Site List 2022

Discover new effective brand promotion solutions with technology guest posting . With this technique, many modern businesses promote their services or products by supplying other Internet sites with good-quality information. Highly trained PRposting copywriters can also help you with selecting ready-to-post articles and incorporating backlinks, as well as creating fresh content. The professionals at PRposting have already collected data about numerous websites in Pakistan with information from Similar Web, Ahrefs, MOZ, and more.

Technology Blogs to Guest Posting in 2022

Technology guest posting in Pakistan has special requirements for achieving maximum efficiency, such as working with reliable Pakistani web sources like technology blogs. People are slowly waking up to the benefits of guest blogging and more and more people are now opting for this service. While guest post service in Pakistan is a growing concept, many individuals and companies have already started to enjoy its benefits. Benefit from guest blogging and reach your target audience for expanding the client base and attracting potential buyers for your tech sites.

Guest Posting Site List

  1. Venture Beat | DA 91 | Topics: Technology
  2. Site Point | DA 85 | Topics: Web design, technology
  3. Hongkiat | DA 83 | Topics: Web design, technology
  4. Read Write | DA 75 | Topics: Technology
  5. Colocation America | DA 63 | Topics: Technology
  6. Techie Event | DA 63 | Topics: Technology, gadgets
  7. Banah | DA 61 | Topics: Webs design
  8. Future with tech | DA 54 | Topics: Technology, software
  9. Digifeast | DA 52 | Topics: Technology, gadgets, graphics
  10. Tech Gossips | DA 52 | Topics: Gadgets, technology
  11. Techlila | DA 46 | Topics: Technology
  12. Tech Info Today | DA 45 | Topics: Technology, gadgets, apps
  13. Spyder Outletinc | DA 40 | Topics: Business, technology, SEO
  14. High Def Geek | DA 36 | Topics: Technology
  15. Tech Update | DA 36 | Topics: Technology, apps, computers
  16. Techrado | DA 34 | Topics: Technology, internet, computers
  17. TechRecur | DA 33 | Topics: Digital Marketing, internet marketing
  18. TheLatescTechNews | DA 29 | Topics: Computers, smartphones
  19. Voga Tech | DA 28 | Topics: Autos, mobile, gadgets
  20. Codersera | DA 25 | Topics: Technology, software engineering trends
  21. Tech Mistake | DA 24 | Topics: Software, games
  22. Tech Mod | DA 23 | Topics: Technology, gadgets, games, internet
  23. Techno Fuss | DA 23 | Topics: PC, smartphones, gaming
  24. Tech Truth | DA 21 | Topics: Technology, gadgets, apps
  25. The Newsify | DA 19 | Topics: Technology, Business, Digital Marketing
  26. Tech Gadgets | DA 16 | Topics: Technology
  27. The Blogging Hub | DA 16 | Topics: Digital Marketing, technology
  28. Techies Classic | DA 13 | Topics: Computers
  29. The Encrypt | DA 12 | Topics: Cyber Security, technology, programming
  30. We Tech Freaks | DA 9 | Topics: Mobile, apps, and games
  31. Guest Article House | DA 9 | Topics: Technology, IT-related services.

Jobs & Education Sites to Guest post in 2022

Guest posting is not just about getting backlinks. It is an opportunity to target a new audience, increase subscribers, grow your online audience and build relationships with other niche influencers. Most of the guest bloggers intend to write for getting backlinks. To do this right, you would need to take care of a few things. With this, you can easily choose websites to post on based on the industry you are working in and the specifics of your brand.

To help you get out of the research process, I have listed below a big list of job and education guest posting sites that accept guest posts. Before reaching out for effective guest posting, make sure your site has quality content, otherwise, you would be looking to reduce the bounce rate. Also, check out 13 Best Job Websites in Pakistan.

  1. eLearn Magazine | DA 91 | Topics: Education, reviews
  2. Edutopia | DA 80 | Topics: Education
  3. EduGorilla | DA 52 | Topics: Education
  4. Tutorful | DA 39 | Topics: Education
  5. Internet Marketing School | DA 22 | Topics: Digital Marketing, SEO
  6. Speak Audible | DA 20 | Topics: Education
  7. IBH Blogs Hub | DA 16 | Topics: Education

Guest Posting Site List 2022


How to Write A Successful Guest Post

Make sure the author bio that you use within your guest posts is interesting and stands out from the crowd. Also link to any landing page where you can capture leads instead of linking to the home page. Immediately after your guest post gets published, email the blog owner and send a thank you note for publishing your guest posts. Most people don’t do this but this simple trick opens the doors and builds a strong rapport with them.

One biggest mistake most people make while writing guest posts is that they don’t send their best stuff and often send crappy content. There’s no point in doing that practice as your intention should be to help others with your content no matter where you write. If you want to find sites that accept guest posts in your industry, you can use the following search terms to look for sites that accept guest posts.

  • guest post submission guidelines” + topic name
  • “contributor” + topic name
  • “submit guest post” + “keyword”
  • “insurance blog” + “write for us”
  • “guest post” + topic name
  • “write for us” + topic name
  • submit guest post” + “education”
  • “become a guest author” + topic name
  • “submit guest post” + “keyword”

Things to avoid while Guest Posting site

Stop writing guest posts for links or traffic. Do it for the sake of building relationships with other bloggers and you’ll succeed! Once your guest post goes live, make sure to tweet it, share it on Facebook groups multiple times until a week. This helps you get some traction and additional traffic to your guest posts. Guest blogging is used in all niches, but it seems to be utilized to its full potential in Blogging, SEO, Making Money Online, and Social Media Niche only. It’s not the case that people from other industries are not using guest blogging at all.

We highly recommend you to start with those blogs that you’re already following and reading for a while (make sure they are relevant to the topics you cover on your blog or website). You can also use Google to search for guest blogging opportunities. If you’re looking to outsource your blog content writing part or want to try to publish different opinions from different authors, you should definitely accept guest posts from others. Not only that, but it also helps you build your network and improve personal branding which all help you increase your search rankings in the long run.

Guest Posting Site List for beginners

If you’re running a fairly new site, it’s really difficult to find quality writers to write guest posts for your site. This should not take much time but is more important. The second most important step is to find guest posting opportunities. Not every site on the internet accept guest posts but a few of them do. Everyone wants to publish content on top guest blogging sites but very few of them get through successfully.

Here is the top guest posting site list for beginners :

S.No. Website DA Traffic Submission URL
1 Unique News Online 52 193,000 Submit
2 NonstopNews 56 394 Submit
3 Smashing Magazine 91 3,292,150 Submit
4 Tuts+ 90 7,638,675 Submit
5 Business 2 Community 86 1,282,595 Submit
6 ProjectCubicle 74 26,308 Submit
7 Business Insider 85 4,624,605 Submit
8 Freshdesk 83 1,096,164 Submit
9 Search Engine Watch 82 671,370 Submit
10 GetResponse 81 133,736 Submit
11 TechPrevue 81 376,219 Submit
12 The Diplomat 81 1,750,716 Submit
13 Social Media Examiner 78 1,368,004 Submit
14 ThemeGrill 78 133,399 Submit
15 Social Media News 78 1,102,569 Submit
16 Zapier 76 3,431,198 Submit
17 I amsterdam 76 3,080,962 Submit
18 Marketing Profs 75 57,484 Submit
19 Copyblogger 75 202,616 Submit
20 Convince & Convert 74 156,778 Submit
21 Inspirationfeed 73 823,432 Submit
22 Campaign Monitor 72 807,766 Submit
23 Creately 72 1,350,246 Submit
24 WPBeginner 72 2,539,936 Submit
25 Money Crashers 72 3,213,705 Submit
26 The Art of Living India 71 1,858,391 Submit
27 Webflow 71 676,817 Submit
28 71 1,064,292 Submit
29 Food Tank 71 37,950 Submit
30 SmartBrief 71 59,023 Submit
31 Co Schedule 70 586,932 Submit
32 Mention 70 233,593 Submit
33 HeimdalSecurity 70 491,147 Submit
34 Just Security 70 208,110 Submit
35 Swarajya 69 799,556 Submit
36 ToastPOS 68 1,388,010 Submit
37 SustainableBrands 67 32,525 Submit
38 Invesp 66 47,311 Submit
39 BusinessofApps 66 512,136 Submit
40 Mailer Lite 65 112,883 Submit

To publish your post on high authority sites, you would have to write high-quality content. Otherwise, targeting multiple fewer authority sites would be the ultimate goal. The first thing you should do is to determine the purpose of your guest blog. Why do you want to publish your content on other sites? As I said earlier, for a backlink or to get more followers. So, I hope this blog will help you alot. Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts!

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