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Gaming PC price in Pakistan 2022 | Custom Built Gaming PC Details


Sometimes, PC parts and peripherals were not easily available in Pakistan. The ultimate choice was to purchase what was accessible around then, and the assortment of items was close to nothing to none. Luckily, those days are a distant memory. To build a gaming PC in Pakistan, you should feel lucky that you have countless devices to pick from. Check out gaming PC price in Pakistan as well in this blog.

Gaming PC Price in Pakistan

Many buyers and retailers try to promote prominent names into the Pakistani market. Indeed, even guarantee claims are gradually turning out to be more solid. Nonetheless, there is a serious absence of information and awareness among Pakistani gamers. It’s necessary to explore how PC parts work and what kind of parts you want and what is your budget.

Choosing your Budget

These things can get somewhat confusing for many people. We’ve done the homework for you. Consider this article a manual for what kind of PC you can expect under a specific financial budget. The main thing you want to do is decide on your financial strategy and consider why you’ll use the PC. In Pakistan, gaming PC costs can be very unpredictable, particularly considering you try to limit yourself because of your low budget. To make your life somewhat easier, we’ll be taking a look at four types of Gaming PCs today. We’ll see what Gaming PC prices are right now in Pakistan.

Not every person’s wallet can take the hit that a pricey PC can bring. That is fine, as many people can get by with an entry-level one. Remember that you’ll need to rebuild, at last. However, that goes for any condition. If you’re hoping to get 60fps at 1080p, this is a decent beginning stage.

Gaming PC Estimated Price

Build Price
Entry-Level Gaming PC Rs. 50,000
Mid-Range Gaming PC Rs. 100,000
Mid/High-End Gaming PC Rs. 150,000 – Rs. 200,000
High-End Gaming Rs. 250,000 – Rs. 300,000

1- Ryzen 5 2600 With RX 580 8GB | Ryzen Gaming PC

At the core of this form sits the excellent Ryzen 5 2600. AMD has made life surprisingly difficult for Intel this time around and keeping in mind that Zen 2 is a long way ahead, the R5 2600 is still very fit. Ryzen Gaming PC With 16 GB 2666 MHz rams and 128 SSD + 500GB storage, a form equipped for running a large portion of the most recent titles at high settings. Play your beloved games with the best specs and stream them with practically no issue


Processor – > Ryzen 5 2600 – NEW!
Computer processor Cooler – > GW-300 – NEW!
Motherboard – > A320M-E – NEW!
Smash – > 16GB DDR4 2666 MHZ – NEW!
SSD – > 128 GB SATA 6GBP/s – NEW!
Hard Drive – > 500GB – USED!
Realistic Card – >RX 580 8GB – USED!
Packaging – > Thunder Avenger – NEW!
Power Supply–> 500W – Used!

Intel tenth Gaming PC

Pair a decent GPU of your choice, and the Gaming PC will be fit for running the most recent games at 1080p 60 fps effectively, with six centers and 12 strings ability to help you in streaming and CPU-concentrated projects. Intel Gaming PC With 8GB 3200 MHz rams and 128 SSD + 500GB storage, a form equipped for running the more significant part of the most recent titles at high settings. This isn’t actually the go-to motherboard for us. It consolidates a quick SSD for the boot drive and a hard drive for mass storage. Consider knocking up the hard drive to a terabyte if you want more storage. We would have favored a semi-secluded PSU. However, that would be out of our financial plan.


Processor – > Intel i5 10400f – NEW!
Motherboard – > Gigabyte B560M Ds3H AC (WIFI) – NEW!
Smash – > 8GB 3200MHZ Crucial RGB – NEW!
SSD – > 128 GB SATA 6GBP/s – NEW!
Hard Drive – > 500GB – USED!
Packaging – > R4/Thunder Elite – NEW!
Power Supply–> 550W – Used!

2- Improved Build – I7 4770 With GTX 1650

For the ideal presentation for the cutting edge games with the most recent GPU., 16 GB Ram for slack free gaming, particularly for new games like a disaster area and SSD storage for quicker boot speed with 500GB hard drive storage for putting away games.

The 1660Ti is scarcely more remarkable. However, it costs significantly more. This card is incredible for high-invigorate rate gaming. In any case, to push your framework as far as possible at 1440p, a redesign may be expected. We haven’t suggested a CPU cooler till now because these processors accompany nice enough coolers in the crate. Notwithstanding, to push the 3600, this is a great decision. This will make we assemble spending plan go somewhat higher. So assuming that you need it, you can avoid this one and go with a less expensive air cooler.


Processor – > intel i7 4770
Motherboard – > Asus B85 ( 4 smash Slots)
Slam – > 16GB DDR3
SSD – > 128 GB
Hard Drive – > 500GB
Realistic Card – > Zotac GTX 1650
Packaging – > Corsair Spec 01

3- i5 third Gen with GTX 750ti 2GB

i5 third gen matched with GTX 750ti cannot be a low spending plan gaming pc for quite a while in Pakistan it actually is one of the most mind-blowing financial plan gaming pc in Pakistan. It’s one of the most incredible low spending plans constructs and equipped for running the majority of the games at a low-medium setting at 1080p. Recollect that this form is developed totally out of utilized parts.

You can’t, as expected, form a financial plan PC with all shiny new parts. We additionally needed to hold the financial plan under 50 thousand rupees. The motherboard doesn’t make much difference in this form as it would in different cases. If you can’t observe this specific board, simply begin chasing after a fourth-era motherboard. Not even one of them has any champion component over the other. Simply search for a promptly accessible one. This isn’t the quickest memory around. However, our motherboard is just viable with DDR3.


Processor – > i5 3570
Motherboard – > H61
Smash – > 8GB DDR3 (4*2)
Hard Drive – > 500GB
Realistic Card – >GTX 750ti 2GB
Packaging – > Normal Case
Power Supply–> 400W

4- Gaming PC Ryzen 5 3600 With RTX 2060 price in Pakistan

Ryzen Gaming PC with 16 GB 3000 MHz XPG rams and 128 SSD + 1TB storage, with b450M-An and combined with RTX 2060 so you can play every one of the games at ultra settings. Later down the line, we suggest adding one more stick of RAM for a smoother experience. Presently, this is somewhat of an abnormal one. Typically, you can track down a packaging, slam, processor, and motherboard combo on the lookout. For this reason, we didn’t list a particular item as the case you should utilize. On the off chance that you’re interested, a simple PC case like a more hardened Dell or Lenovo frame costs around Rs. 1,000. That is the whole section level form. The assessed price for this one is around Rs. 50000 to Rs. 55000, contingent upon the costs you get. Have confidence, and this is a fit apparatus.


Processor – > Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard – > Asus B450M-A
Slam – > Crucial 16GB DDR4 3200 MHZ
SSD – > 128 GB SATA 6GBP/s
Hard Drive – > 1TB
Realistic Card – > Gigabyte RTX 2060
Packaging – > Thunder JX 1882 with 3 controllable RGB Fans
Power Supply–> Corsair HX 650

Custom Built Gaming PC price in Pakistan

Here are all the parts that we are going to be using:

  • CPU – Intel Xeon E3 1240 V2
  • Motherboard – MSI H61
  • RAM – Samsung 8GB DDR3
  • Case – Standard Chassis
  • Storage – 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive
  • PSU – 500W (Brand depends on what you can find)
  • GPU – AMD Radeon RX 580

1- Processor – Intel Xeon E3 1240 V2

Usually, a Xeon processor would be an unorthodox pick for a budget gaming PC. They are intended for use in workstation PCs, but this 1240 V2 is different. It can work with most 4th gen motherboards out there, making it quite versatile. The processor is good for 1080p gaming and still has a few years left.

This one has four cores and four threads for those of you who love numbers. The base clock is 3.4GHz, but it can boost up to 3.8GHz. This CPU will cost you around Rs.13,000- Rs.14,000 in the local market.

2- Motherboard – MSI H61-P33

The motherboard does not matter much in this build as in other cases. The MSI H61-P33 pairs perfectly with our Xeon processor. It has two DIMM slots for memory, 1 PCIe x16 slot, two SATA II headers, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and three audio ports. It also features a compact micro-ATX form factor. The board will run you anywhere from around Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 5,000. If you can’t find this particular board, start hunting for a 4th generation motherboard. None of them have any standout feature over the other. Just look for a readily available one.

3- RAM – Samsung 8GB DDR3

Nothing fancy here. We’re using good old 8 gigabytes of DDR3 memory. This isn’t the fastest memory, but our motherboard is only compatible with DDR3. There are various brands available like Samsung, Kingston, and others. Later down the line, we recommend adding another stick of RAM for a smoother experience. A single stick of 8 gigabytes of memory will cost about Rs. 3,000.

4- Case – Normal Chassis

Now, this is a bit of a weird one. Usually, you can find a casing, ram, processor, and motherboard combo in the market. This is why we didn’t list any specific product you should use. If you’re curious, a simple PC case like an older Dell or Lenovo chassis costs around Rs. 1,000.

5- Storage

We’ll be using a 500-gigabyte hard drive from Western Digital for storage. The WD-Blue is readily available and costs Rs. 1,500. You can upgrade to a 1TB hard drive, but that will cost you twice as much. For the sake of our budget, we’re sticking with 500 gigs.

6- Power Supply – 500W

Power supplies are readily available in the local markets. We could get away with a lower wattage PSU, but we’re sticking with 500W to be safe. A decent 500W power supply will cost you Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000 in the local market. Just remember that these are usually quite old, so know what you’re getting for the money.

7- Graphics Card – AMD Radeon RX 580

We haven’t seen any other GPU succeed as much as the RX 580, especially in Pakistan. This is one of the best budget graphics cards in Pakistan. Even though the price has gone up by a bit, it’s still an excellent buy for anywhere between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 28,000. If you’re going to spend above that, get an Nvidia GTX 1650 Super for around Rs. 35,000.

Well, that’s the entire entry-level build. The estimated price of this gaming PC in Pakistan is around Rs. 50000 to Rs. 55000, depending on the prices you get. Rest assured, this is a capable rig.


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