How to Sell on Daraz 2022 | Step by Step Process Details

Daraz is the most sought online shopping website in Pakistan. People use it as a perfect spot for internet shopping, yet you can also sell your items on Daraz. Being South Asia’s famous online retail outlet, Daraz offers more than 100 categories of 20 million items on the site. In addition to the fact that it is a virtual commercial center for numerous buyers, it also authorizes vendors to connect with the world through this platform.

Daraz. pk was launched in 2012. Pakistani business visionary Mauneeb Maayr founded Daraz. Daraz became famous and became South Asia’s most outstanding online store. Later in 2018, the Daraz was acquired by Alibaba Group and began its activities in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Daraz is a perfect place to start a business and promote your brand. Many small vendors in Asia avail this opportunity, earning very well. All thanks to Daraz.

Learn How to Sell on Daraz 

It is effortless to sell at Daraz these days. Many people are doing their web-based business from Daraz, particularly ladies business visionaries and homemakers, as Daraz is South Asia’s predominant web-based retail platform. It offers many categories of more than 18 million products. It isn’t just perceived as a virtual commercial center for many purchasers. However, it likewise allows numerous sellers to connect with the world through their products.

Daraz is working really hard in Pakistan to improve online buying and selling points. People purchase their products at Daraz. Even if you are sitting at home and not doing anything, you can still bring in cash by selling your stuff on Daraz. Daraz.PK is a site where you can sell anything you purchase in ordinary life on Daraz PK. In this article, we know how to help this along these lines. What’s more, will we get any advantage? No! so we should get everything rolling on how to sell on Daraz. Pk.

Daraz offers two options for selling: 

  1. Digital goods
  2. Physical goods

You can sell your products on Daraz in 3 easy steps, which are:

  • Creating a seller account.
  • Adding products to your account.
  • Promote products.

Creating a Seller Account on Daraz

To start selling your product on Daraz, firstly you have to register your account. For this create you account by opening the site url and clicking on sign up. Then select one from the following options below according to you sales type.

  1. Local Seller
  2. Digital Good Seller
  3. DarazMall Seller
  4. Global Seller

Now you will be asked to fill a form that will ask you for your:

  1. Business name
  2. Contact number
  3. Password
  4. Email address
  5. Email or number verification
  6. Terms and conditions.

Once you fill in everything then the sign up is complete!

Add products to your seller account

It is the next essential step to sell on Daraz. When you confirm your phone and email address, you can now log in to your account here. You will be diverted to your dashboard as you log in. Here, you can add the products you need to sell. The primary choice is “Products” as you click or float over your cursor on this choice in the left menu bar, a subsection will show up, and the next option is to add products. Click on it. Presently you can embed the product and category of your product. Selecting the fitting category for the product is essential so the client can track down your product without much of a stretch.

Product Name:

 Keep every product’s name unique. So that people can remember it easily, you should add the model number or some other important subtleties here. Select a name for the product that the client can effortlessly perceive. Make a video that sums up its elements and transfer it with your information like value, delivery charges, transportation time, add media, and compose fundamentals of products.


In which category does your product fall? Pick it carefully. For instance, your product is a cellphone. There are various types for various mobile phones. Is that an android phone or an iPhone and so forth? You will likewise get ideas to pick the correct category for your product. When you choose the type, new choices will show up. Where you can add every one of the potential insights concerning your products, we should talk about every one of those momentarily.

● Video URL:

Do you have any video that could assist people with awareness of your products? That is incredible. Add the URL of that video. Assuming you don’t have a URL, you can make a YouTube channel and transfer your video on your track, then, at that point, get the video to connect to embed here. Assuming you don’t have any, leave it clear.

● Brand: 

Does your product is from a brand? Assuming it does, then, at that point, you should specify the name; in any case, click on “No Brand.”

● Products Basics: 

The product basics will be distinctive for every article. For instance, concerning “Camera,” the choices will be Resolutions, Pixels, Battery type, and so on. For some other thing, the interest will be unique.

● Features: 

Add the most important data about your things in slugs structure as this part you are perusing is in shots structure. At any rate, at least add three features.

 Product Description:

Add all potential insights concerning your items. Furthermore, you should utilize your primary terms twice in the portrayal to show up in query items. For instance, assuming your thing is “camera, ” use it twice in the description.

● English Description:

If the past description wasn’t in the English language, then, at that point, add an English depiction in this section. In any case, copy the older one and paste it here.

What’s in the box:

It’s important to notice every one of the things you will place in the box. It will be referenced in your box, and your client will confirm it.

● Media:

You will add photos of your product. You can upload a limit of 8 pictures. Uploading pictures will attract customers and it will develop trust for the product.

● Accessibility: 

When your product is available, turn it on. You should turn it off once your product is unavailable.

● Cost and Quantity:

Set a price for your items, including discounts. You can likewise set a special price when you need to offer limits.

● Administration and Delivery: 

You will add extra info here. Like, does your product have any guarantee? If yes, then select guarantee type. What’s the bundle weight and aspects of the case? It relies upon your item.

Business on Daraz without Investment 

You can even start without investing even a dime. You just need to find a suitable wholesaler near you, or on the other hand, you can contact any retailer. You can ask them to provide you with products whenever any order is placed. Just select the classification and add items basically in your Daraz store. Whenever a request is set, simply contact your distributor or retailer, and presently you can convey it to its objective. It is the simplest method for procuring without loading even one item. The disadvantage of this is that on the off chance that you don’t orchestrate the mentioned item on time or it needs quality, your positioning will be influenced. But everything good comes with a risk!

Investment with Daraz Seller Account

You can put your resources on this site. Moreover, you will purchase and hold them together so that you can take them out, pack them, and send them to your customer whenever you get an order. You will be at ease that you have items in stock when an order is placed. You can certainly send the product for delivery. 

If you run out of any product, you can simply delete the post from the Daraz. Thinking you need to assemble a stockroom, you can likewise store your products in the Daraz warehouse. The best thing is that you do not have to pack items after placing the order. Daraz takes care of everything on its own!

Important Points to sell on Daraz!

  • After selling your products (Fully delivered), Daraz will hold your installment for 15 days. In any case, relax. If you don’t have any penalties, they will pay your money after deducting their bonus.
  • Most sellers decide to deliver their products using Daraz shopping center. However, you can pick your delivery plan as you like. 
  • The business on Daraz relies upon your product and your technique. If you are a producer, then, at that point, your product is your wealth.
  • Assuming you are a retailer, you should first research Daraz about which category or products have prominence, then, at that point, list your products in like manner.


Many people are bringing in cash on Daraz. You can similarly bring in money by making a seller account. I hope now you know how to sell on Daraz? If you liked our step-by-step article, do not forget to let us know in the comments section below. Also, please share it with your other friends to benefit from this information.

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