How to Sell Products on Daraz | Most Selling Online Products 2022

Platforms like Daraz end up not only being able to expand in such times, but also saving many businesses from going under which are now relying on eCommerce platforms. With the increase in new sellers wanting to come on board, however, some chink in Daraz’s armor had been exposed in terms of internal inefficiencies. Daraz offers more than 100 categories of 20 million products on the website. Not only is it a virtual marketplace for hundreds of thousands of customers, but it also allows millions of sellers to connect with the world through their products. Check out easy ways and learn how to sell products on Daraz.

The tendency of online shopping remains snowballing quickly. Maximum individuals select operational bargain hunting to run away from the annoyance of going to the marketplace. The internet has permitted the general public to remain connected all the time in addition to working ladies who can manage chores and work from home at the same time. You can even start without investing even a dime. If you are a student and won’t have sufficient investment, do not worry. Daraz facilitates you to start a business without investment.

How to Sell Products on Daraz

As the world keeps progressing into digital reliance, it is no doubt that online businesses are the future of Pakistan. Do you want to become a part of Pakistan’s biggest online shopping website and expand your business online to make the most with Daraz! With Daraz’s acquisition by one of the e-commerce giants of the world, Alibaba Group; our trainers will let you experience how it’s like to work with the globally leading online commerce technology and logistics making it easy to expand your business from the comfort of your home, all within Pakistan.

To sell your product, first, you have to create and register your account on Daraz by clicking Sign Up on the page and select one of the four options mentioned below according to your sale type:

  1. DarazMall Seller
  2. Local Seller
  3. Global Seller
  4. Digital Good Seller

Then you will be required to fill out a form that asks you for the following conditions:

  1. Shop Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Password
  4. Email
  5. Verification
  6. Terms and Conditions

Once you do this carefully, the sign-up process will be accomplished.

Top Most Selling Online Products You Can Sell on Daraz

If you’re new to online shopping in Pakistan, you might not know what products are legit and available on the internet. We have put together a list of the most demanding online products that would be on every Pakistanis shopping list! You no longer have to take a significant chunk of time out of your day to go search for things, you can easily just scroll on your phone any time throughout the day or night and find hundreds of options for the things you want to get.


If you are a woman who has lived in Pakistan your whole life, you’ll be well aware of how they’ve always been about 3 makeup brands available in the market. With the online makeup stores, Pakistani women now have access to almost every makeup brand and item under the sun like foundations, concealers, powders, highlighters, blushes – you name it! Many online makeup stores also offer to take special orders where you can ask them to bring something in specially for you in their next shipment to Pakistan.

Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets are one of the most important things to get when you are decorating a house. The choice is harder in the local markets because it’s very hard to find good quality fabrics that are soft and comfortable and if you do, they’re usually very expensive. This is why most of the people in Pakistan have switched over to buying bed sheets online. This leaves almost no reason to have to put in the extra work to go get top bed sheet brands from local markets!

Women’s Clothing

You have the option to just visit a website and use the filters to narrow down your search quickly. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can just as easily switch over to another website until you find it! Since there’s no driving around required, shopping for women’s clothes goes from being something that requires a lot of physical effort, to something you can do in your free time at home!

Skin Care & Hair Care Products

The Pakistani local markets are filled with an abundance of mediocre quality beauty and hair care products. Today, people want more out of their beauty and hair care products. They want better ingredients in their products that will actually help their hair and skin, not strip it! This is especially true for curly-haired Pakistanis who have never really had products that are tailored to protect their curls! Tired of settling, the demand shifted online.


Even though Pakistan produces bags and shoes to be exported abroad, there has never been a good enough variety of women’s bags in the local Pakistani markets. If you found something that was even remotely nice, you’d have to pay a lot for it.

Kids Clothing

You can also buy kids’ clothing online now as all top kid’s brands are selling online in Pakistan. A wide range of comfortable, stylish, trend clothing sets is available with cash on delivery option.

Wooden Calligraphy

Another popular home decor item in Pakistan is wooden calligraphy. These art items are demanded in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Online, you can sometimes even send a custom order for these too but chances are you’ll find something that ticks all the boxes for you, ready-made.


Accessorising has always been a difficult thing to get around for Pakistani men. It’s always been hard enough to find enough options for clothes that when it came to accessories like Men’s Bracelets, things became even more scarce. This is one of the main reasons that there’s such a high demand for men’s bracelets online! You can find everything from college and work-friendly tote bags and backpacks, everyday or special occasion satchel bags, and even the most popular cross-body bags in these stores. The best part about them is that the prices always remain reasonable!

Men Shoes

Another thing that deterred most men in the past from buying their shoes from the local markets was that they couldn’t find them in the right materials. The shoes made from synthetic materials were not only unappealing to look at and uncomfortable to wear, but they were also the type to just fall apart and crack up soon after they were bought! All of this wouldn’t even come at a cheap price. Making it totally, not worth it to even get them anymore.

Women’s Jewellery

Pakistani women now want more dainty, small pieces of jewelry that makes a statement through their simplicity. These are also popular because of their versatility. Whether you’re someone that dresses in shalwar kameez or jeans, minimalistic jewelry pieces are very easy to pair with almost every type of outfit!

Daraz Seller Center | How to Sell Products on Daraz

Daraz.PK is Pakistan’s most popular online shopping platform. But also a good place for sellers who can sell their products on daraz. Daraz is offering a seller center for people who want to sell different products online. Daraz Seller Center is the best place for products manufacturers, distributors to promote their products. Moreover, the Daraz seller center is a control panel for Daraz sellers. The seller can upload, delete, edit and update their products on the Daraz website using the Daraz seller center. You need to advertise your Daraz product on Facebook as Facebook Ads which will help you to increase your sales.

More things you need to do is, participate in the campaigns of Daraz. But if you’re ranking with keywords on Daraz and you will take participate in Daraz campaigns then maybe your ranking will be affected. This is the simple user interface that is issued for users approved as Daraz sellers. Seller center also gives you the ability to promote your products in the online world. Also will help you to attract more customers and sell your physical business. Also, this is the best option to get into the online shopping business. Many students and shop owners are doing great business. Dashboard in Seller Center also reflects sales and orders in real-time. Anyone can create a seller account and can sell products on this leading online shopping marketplace in Pakistan.


Many people are bringing in cash on Daraz. You can similarly bring in money by making a seller account. I hope now you know how to sell on Daraz? If you liked our step-by-step article, do not forget to let us know in the comments section below. Also, please share it with your other friends to benefit from this information.

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